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5 Irresistibly Fun Summer Activities for Kids

May 6, 2019

The school is starting to wind down, which means the fun is about to begin! But how do you guarantee you won’t run out of great activities and fun-filled days as the summer months stretch on? We’re here to help!
Be sure to take advantage of the long days of sunshine and opportunity of quality family time!

1. Backyard Camping

Let’s be honest, it’s tough to plan a camping trip, especially when you factor kids in. One of the best summer activities that are fun for everyone is planning a backyard camping adventure. Grab your tent and your favorite foods to eat around the campfire. You can even tell ghost stories and stargaze. It’s everything the woods has to offer without leaving your own home! Best of all- indoor bathrooms!

2. Have an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor scavengers hunts are the perfect way to get your kids outdoors while also using their brains. You can factor in various sensory factors that allow kids to think outside the box. Examples of this can include finding something smooth or finding something rough. You can encourage them to draw the items they find and color code each box. Highlight creativity and critical thinking skills by asking your kids to find items based on their use- like something they could use to open a can, dig a hole, or hold water.

3. DIY Waterslide

It’s hot, the pool is crowded, and the kids are complaining. A DIY waterslide in your backyard is the perfect solution!
This is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to create your own fun this summer. Using nothing more than a tarp, a hose, and a bottle of dish soap, your kids will be slipping and sliding in no time. Not only will this keep your kids occupied for large amounts of time, they’ll also be able to invite friends over to play without you stressing about what activities to plan.

4. Go See a Movie… in Your Backyard

Another inexpensive option for entertainment is a backyard movie. Whether it’s for a summer birthday or a sleepover, this will bring all the kids to the yard! All you’ll need is an extension cord, white sheet, and a projector. Lucky for you, projectors are more affordable now than ever!
To make the screen, you can tape a sheet to the wall of your house or string it to a group of trees. Now all you need is a bowl of warm popcorn and a soda and your kids will feel like they’re watching their favorite movie at the local theater.

5. Pizza Night

Not only will a pizza night create memories with you and your kids, but it will also teach them about the work that goes into making meals. One of the best parts of this is that each child has the chance to make their own personal pizza, with their favorite toppings and all. If your kids are too young to make a pizza from scratch, you can build your own pizza bar with grab-and-go toppings.
Once the pizzas are ready, you can enjoy them as a family. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to get your kids to share some with one another!

Summer Activities for Kids… and Parents

Summer activities aren’t just for the kids, they’re for the whole family. Create memories this summer by choosing activities the everyone will have fun doing. Looking for more summer fun? Learn more about other great activities you need to add to your schedule this summer on our Sky HIgh Sports Event Calendar.