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10 Interesting Facts About Trampoline Parks

September 11, 2019

There is no doubt that trampolines are fun! As a matter of fact, everyone who has ever been on a trampoline will likely attest to the adrenaline-pumping fun of laughing and jumping with family and friends. Today’s trampoline parks are designed to top those hours of backyard fun you remember!

With wall-to-wall trampoline courts, kids courts, dodgeball courts, and more, there is always something to do at Sky High Sports. Let’s explore some of the most interesting facts related to trampolines and trampoline parks.

  1. George Nissen and Larry Griswold invented the trampoline in 1936. To market the new invention, Nissen rented a kangaroo (named Victoria) to jump with him on the trampoline in the middle of Central Park NYC.

  2. Today, the world’s largest trampoline can be found in a trampoline park in Glasgow, Scotland. Known as Flip Out, the park boasts a single jumping surface of 63,000 square feet. While Sky High isn’t quite that big, it is right here in Concord and won’t require a trip to Scotland. Plus, the Sky High team is anxiously awaiting your visit to experience the joy and excitement of jumping on our Freestyle Court – nearly the size of a basketball court.

    Largest Trampoline Park Flip Out Glasgow, Scotland

    Source: Flip Out

  3. The highest trampoline bounce, as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, is 22 feet.
  4. Besides the highest recorded bounce, trampoline activities are featured in many wacky world records including:
  • Most backflips in a single minute on a trampoline – 49
  • Most people on a trampoline at once – 324
  • Most consecutive flips – 3,333
  • Most backflips on a unicycle while on a trampoline – 2
  1. Trampolining became an Olympic event in Sydney, Australia, at the 2000 Olympic Games. The sport features two events, men and women competitions, which are judged on difficulty, execution, and time of flight.
  2. Professional trampolinists wear specially designed jump socks or shores to prevent ‘rugburn’. The professionals never bounce barefoot! Sky High also requires all jumpers to wear grip socks.
  3. Contrary to what you may have heard, trampolines are not made of elastic! The trampoline ‘bed’ is created from woven nylon bands and only the springs that pull the ‘bed’ tight are elastic.
  4. Would you believe astronauts train on trampolines? It’s true! NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) utilizes trampolines in training as well as recovery. Trampolining trains astronauts to control their center of gravity while in space. When they return, trampolining helps astronauts rebuild bone mass and restore joint strength.
  5. Trampolines are also used to train divers to hit their targeting landing spot and freestyle skiers who enhance their balance and practice their unique moves.
  6. Trampolining offers a host of health benefits including the enhancement of your motor skills, working out your entire body at once, increasing balance and coordination, improving your overall core, and more.

Sky High Sports is ready to help you meet your trampoline bounce record! Try our trampoline dodgeball or freestyle on our main court! Visit our event calendar for our monthly events!